Quantified Activity Recording For Everyone



Capture high resolution movement data and physical activity & posture measures for large scale health and disease research studies.
Measure time-synchronized activity on multiple locations on the body with flexibility to combine with ECG, EOG, EEG, respiration or other sensors. Record on chest, wrist or leg.

Clinical Trials

Increase trial efficiencies, minimize risk and make faster, more informed decisions with high quality objective patient behavioral data.

Measurement Services

Save time, money and increase the quality of your recordings using VitaMove Services. Services include remote analysis, measurement service or clinical trial outsourcing. Contact us for possibilities and pricing.


Easy to use, accurate lifestyle recording solutions. Get an understanding what people do. Use as simple data logger, or store in the cloud enabling lifestyle coaching. Fully open data interface and API to develop your own movement games.

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Physical Activity & Posture Monitoring Solutions

Time Sync'ed Measurement At Chest, Leg Or Arms - ECG - Heart Rate - Respiration - Light - Other Vital Signs.

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VitaMove Activity & Posture Recorder

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Activ8 Smart Activity Tracker
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Choosing A Solution That Fits Your Needs

VitaMove aims to make activity recording easier. We provide solutions ranging from simple to use lifestyle oriented physical activity monitors till high-end, advanced & time-synchronized multi-sensor platforms, from raw measurements for own algorithm development till fully automated workflow handling for clinical trials and large studies. We can advise and recommend what solution would serve you best.

For Everyone?

Activity monitoring for movement scientists has become a well-established field, which we continue to support. The biggest challenge we see is to translate the gained knowledge to medical research and clinical use for non-movement scientists, general practitioners and physiotherapists. Provide them with useful tools that are quick and easy to use to improve quality of care and result in a better understanding.

VitaMove Services

The threshold for activity monitoring for non-movement scientists and researchers is quite high with a steep learning curve. We want to change this and make activity recording accessible to a broader audience. Services we offer include analysis of your recording, making a complete recording including analysis, outsourcing of a complete study or clinical trial.


Developing New Solutions With You

Missing sensors? Requiring a specific solution? Besides our own products we also develop for others. Over the years we have built, tested and produced a wide variety of essential building blocks and algorithms to measure vital signs humans, animals and objects. Mostly discriminating is that we always deliver on what we promise and work towards a practical solution that just works.

Some keywords: activity – posture – ECG – heart rate (variability) – ExG – respiration – light – time synchronization – multi-sensor signal processing – gyroscopes – magnetometers – temperatures – person detection – RFID – wireless streaming – storage and so on.

Used By Leading Medical & Clinical Researchers

VitaMove activity classification is validated by Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands and other leading research facilities in Europe and the US. VitaMove for Research is CE0197 and FDA certified.

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