Activ8 answers the basic question if you’re active enough or not. Of course you know that sufficient physical activity is good for you. But how much is enough? One hour of sports every week? A walk every day? From ‘VitaMove for Research’ we learnt valuable lessons and gained important insights that we have applied to our next generation physical activity monitor called Activ8.
Activ8 is an small physical activity monitor that you wear all day long and that registers all your movements. Activ8 translates this into consumed kilocalories. A healthy woman typically consumes around 2000 kcal and a man about 2500kcal.
What makes Activ8 unique is that the type of activity is recognized and stored every 5 minutes so that you can follow what someone has been doing during the day: was someone lying, sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running? This provides accurate, objective and clear insights into daily activities. Activ8 can be combined with a standalone PC application to read out the measured data or a web based environment which enables remote coaching or use in lifestyle intervention programs. With a coach you can work step by step towards a more healthy life and feel fitter, less tired.

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