The VitaSense wireless activity monitoring plaform uses a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer to deliver objective 24 hour physical activity and posture measurements directly in ‘g’ to allowing development of own algorithms. Each recorder uses wireless RF technology to keep exactly time synchronized with other recorders in the same network. This allows synchronized recording of multiple body parts.

A VitaSense configuration can consist of one or multiple recorders worn on different body segments to record physical activity and angles. VitaSense can be worn on the chest, legs and/or arms. VitaSense recorders store or stream measurements of acceleration in 3D with sample rates ranging from 1 to 256 samples per second. Besides acceleration VitaSense can also monitor temperature
and optionally contains a magnetometer and-or gyroscope. Depending on the selected sample rate recordings of 3-12 weeks can be made without having to recharge the batteries. VitaSense recorders are very thin (9mm) and allow the flexibility to build and extend your system step by step. With the included application it is possible to setup a recording and output raw measurements values in EDF or CSV format allowing you the flexibility to create your own algorithms.