A8005 - Activ8 Proffesional Physical Activity Monitor - Local Storage

Plug & Play - Recognizes Your Activity - Accurate Energy Consumption - Validated Activity Datalogger


Activ8 Professional is a small physical activity monitor that records physical activity all day long. What makes it unique is that the device recognizes when and how long someone lies, sits, stands, walks, cycles or runs. This gives insights not possible with most other physical activity monitors. The activity recognition has been validated by Erasmus Medical Centre and proved to have a sensitivity and specificity of over 90% for healthy people. The activity recognition is also used to determine the energy expenditure. This method results in much more accurate estimation of what a person has been doing during the day.

The A8005 does not store measurement data on an internet server, but directly on your PC. You have at all times direct access to measurements files that you can further use for your research or study. Activ8 Proffesional comes with a simple to use PC application to start and stop recordings. Besides that it gives a simple report and graph to get a feel for what the client did during daily life. All information is stored in csv format for easy processing in excel or Matlab.

Product Description

Accurate Activity Tracker with validated activity recognition to make quality activity recordings without hassle. Depending on the application the device interface can be turned on or off. All information is instantly available on you PC for further processing. No hassle with internet just start, stop and view your recordings. You can see minute by minute what a client has been doing during the day. The activity recognition algorithms have been validated by Erasmus Medical Centre and have proven to achieve a sensitivity and specificity of over 90%. Energy expenditure is compared against other medical grade products and scores identical and in the higher intensity movements like cycling and running even better.

Technical Specifications

  • Device Interface : daily target indicator, emoticon feedback (option to  switched off)
  • Store activity classification & movement intensity in blocks of 1 or 5 minutes (each block contains classification per category in number of seconds)
  • Store information in seconds/METs or counts/raw values.
  • Option to lock device while recording
  • Wearing Position : pocket or with legstrap
  • Classification : lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling, running & movement intensity for each class. Sensitivity and specificity of over 90%.
  • Energy Consumption : yes, calories
  • Dimensions : 34 x 30 x 10mm
  • Weight : 20gr
  • Technology : 3D Accelerometer
  • Sample Rate (internal): 12.5Hz
  • Data Storage: 1-5 min
  • Use Time : > 50 days
  • Rechargeable : yes, via USB2.0
  • Download Data : Mass Storage USB Device
  • Start / Stop Measurement, Download & Visualize : PC application (Win Vista/7/8, x32/x64)