Perfect Posture – Corrects Posture & Improves Mobility

Perfect Posture corrects posture & improves mobility supporting people with neurological problems like Parkinson’s disease by providing direct feedback. It’s a compact device that is worn on the chest. The sensors detect a wrong sit or walking posture and provide the patient with real-time feedback to improve it’s posture. The metronome function assists Parkinson patients to prevent freezes from happening and improve mobility. This helps to reduce fall incidents and problems with the spinal cord due to standing long in the wrong position. Hereby a short introduction video (in Dutch)..

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Mexico surpasses U.S. as world’s fattest nation

70% of Mexican adults are overweight or obese, according to some estimates, no thanks to trends like industrialized agriculture and the invasion of fast food chains from abroad.

By Tracy Miller / New York Daily News

Is Mexico even fatter than the United States?

No thanks to industrialized agriculture, widely available cheap junk food and the invasion of fast food chains from the U.S., our south-of-the-border neighbors are the world’s new losers at the battle of the bulge, according to some estimates. In a report released last month, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) found Mexico has a 32.8% adult obesity rate, surpassing the U.S. at 31.8%.
About 70% of Mexico’s population is either overweight or obese, and one in six suffers from diabetes, which kills around 70,000 people a year — roughly as many as the country’s notorious gang violence, according to a Global Post report.
The FAO’s State of Food and Agriculture report notes that obesity is a form of malnutrition, and in countries like Mexico and the U.S., the two go hand in hand.
Filling up on processed foods deprives people of the nutrients they need while simultaneously widening their waistlines.
“The same people who are malnourished are the ones who are becoming obese,” echoed Abelardo Avila, a physician with Mexico’s National Nutrition Institute. “In the poor classes we have obese parents and malnourished children. The worst thing is the children are becoming programmed for obesity. It’s a very serious epidemic,” he told the Global Post.
Avila blamed the country’s anti-poverty programs in part for the crisis, saying money given to rural families by the government is often spent on cheap fried food and sodas. Foods like tacos and tamales, once viewed as treats, are now a daily indulgence for many.
Fast food restaurants have also proliferated since Mexico began allowing U.S. chains to set up shop in the 1990s.
And, as in the U.S., many complain that fresh produce, fish and other nutritious foods are often too expensive for cash-strapped households. Nearly 50% of Mexicans live in poverty, according to the Global Post report.

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10 Reasons to be physically active and excersize

1. Burn more calories at rest

Cardiovascular and resistance exercises are equally important when it comes to the balanced burning of calories. Doing cardiovascular work such as running, walking, or biking results in a temporary rise in your metabolic rate. Compared to being in at rest, you will burn more calories per minute when performing cardiovascular work. Furthermore, by doing resistance exercises such as lifting weight, you will increase your muscle mass. Muscle burns far more calories at rest than fat does, so by becoming more muscular, you are increasing your resting metabolic rate.

2. Feel more energized

When engaging in physical activity, the blood vessels that go to your muscles dilate, causing an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the working muscles. This, along with a temporary increase in your metabolic rate, causes you to feel more energized. This “burst of energy” not only occurs during exercise, but also after you exercise. For example, working out in the morning or afternoon will cause you to feel energized throughout the day. Even if you are an evening exerciser, you will still burn just as many calories and feel better!

3. Improve overall appearance

Not only can exercise help you feel better, but it will help you look better as well. Along with eating a healthy diet and utilizing effective stress management, you can look your best by becoming toned and defined.

4. Be able to withstand stress

Recent research has shown exercise to be a stress reliever. There are many reasons to explain why. One includes the fact that exercise increases the hormone epinephrine, another name for adrenaline. This hormone is responsible for an increase in blood flow, which carries more oxygen to the brain, thus making you more alert. Being more alert and aware of your surroundings helps you to deal with stress effectively. Also, exercise stimulates the release of other hormones called endorphins, or the “feel good hormones.” These help to improve mood and feelings. Many people find that they feel better after a stressful day if they exercise.

5. Decrease risk of illness

Exercise builds up and improves circulation of our white blood cells, which we need to fend off harmful bacteria that cause us to get sick. This helps to prevent us from getting sick. However, after we become ill, our improved circulation due to regular exercise can help us become well again.

6. Speed up recovery from injury or surgery

By exercising daily and living a healthy lifestyle, your body can better repair itself from damage done by injury or surgery. When you increase muscle tissue and white blood cells by exercising, your body is better able to reduce inflammation that occurs from injury and surgery.

7. Build up cardiovascular endurance

Everyone knows that if you study hard for a test, you will more than likely do well. The same concept applies when we say we are “getting into shape.” You have to build up your cardiovascular system through endurance activity in order to have an efficient circulatory system. Regular physical activity not only strengthens your heart muscle and improves your blood’s oxygen carrying capacity, but also improves your breathing and muscular contractions.

8. Keep focused

Being able to stayed focus when engaged in everyday life activities is very important in order for your day to go as planned. By exercising regularly and eating healthfully, blood flow is improved and your hormones are at optimum levels, thus increasing your ability to concentrate.

9. Improve flexibility

By stretching before and after exercise your muscles become more elastic, improving your overall range of motion or flexibility. Another way to improve flexibility is to engage in a yoga or Pilates class.

10. Increase lean body mass

Increasing lean mass is important because it reduces your body fat and increases your metabolic rate. If you perform cardiovascular exercise most days of the week and resistance exercises 2-4 days of the week, you will increase muscle mass while decreasing fat mass!

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Adding VitaSense wireless activity monitoring platform to the range allowing development of own algorithms

The VitaSense wireless activity monitoring plaform uses a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer to deliver objective 24 hour physical activity and posture measurements directly in ‘g’ to allowing development of own algorithms. Each recorder uses wireless RF technology to keep exactly time synchronized with other recorders in the same network. This allows synchronized recording of multiple body parts.

A VitaSense configuration can consist of one or multiple recorders worn on different body segments to record physical activity and angles. VitaSense can be worn on the chest, legs and/or arms. VitaSense recorders store or stream measurements of acceleration in 3D with sample rates ranging from 1 to 256 samples per second. Besides acceleration VitaSense can also monitor temperature
and optionally contains a magnetometer and-or gyroscope. Depending on the selected sample rate recordings of 3-12 weeks can be made without having to recharge the batteries. VitaSense recorders are very thin (9mm) and allow the flexibility to build and extend your system step by step. With the included application it is possible to setup a recording and output raw measurements values in EDF or CSV format allowing you the flexibility to create your own algorithms.

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Activ8 next generation physical activity monitor

Activ8 answers the basic question if you’re active enough or not. Of course you know that sufficient physical activity is good for you. But how much is enough? One hour of sports every week? A walk every day? From ‘VitaMove for Research’ we learnt valuable lessons and gained important insights that we have applied to our next generation physical activity monitor called Activ8.
Activ8 is an small physical activity monitor that you wear all day long and that registers all your movements. Activ8 translates this into consumed kilocalories. A healthy woman typically consumes around 2000 kcal and a man about 2500kcal.
What makes Activ8 unique is that the type of activity is recognized and stored every 5 minutes so that you can follow what someone has been doing during the day: was someone lying, sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running? This provides accurate, objective and clear insights into daily activities. Activ8 can be combined with a standalone PC application to read out the measured data or a web based environment which enables remote coaching or use in lifestyle intervention programs. With a coach you can work step by step towards a more healthy life and feel fitter, less tired.

Learn more..

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VitaMove.v2 for research is available now

Finally it is there: VitaMove.v2 for research.  VitaMove.v2 incorporates all learnings from our first generation of VitaMove products. We have done our best to make VitaMove the best multi-body segment high-accuracy recording solution for physical activity and posture and other vital signs. Hereby a overview of the most important changes

Improved recording robustness

VitaMove now automatically corrects for changed recorder orientation during a recording. As recordings are becoming longer chances that a mistake is made increases which results in errors during automatic analysis.  Furthermore download routines have been improved to better handle recording exceptions.

Variable sample frequency up to 256Hz

You can now select higher sample rates up to 256Hz when a study requires this amount of detail, but it is also possible to select a lower sample frequency. Lower sample frequencies result in smaller recordings, and faster processing.

Schedule recording start and stop time

No client intervention required to start or stop a recording. Fully automatic start and stop your VitaMove.v2 system.

New and upgraded reports

We have listened to your feedback. We have incorporated most of your feedback to make reports better suit your needs. New reports for upper limb activity, sedentary activity, energy expenditure, cyclical movement have been added.

Longer recordings

Depending on the selected sample frequency you can now continuously record for periods up to a month, without any recharge or any other user intervention.

Improved respiratory measurement

Respiratory signs are now measured using respiratory inductance plethysmography technology. This technology is less sensitive to all kind of movement artifacts. Furthermore it is now possible to simultaneously measure both chest and stomach helping to also quantify quality of breathing.

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VitaMove in de Proeftuin Somatische Geriatrische Revalidatie Thuis van start bij Zorggroep Charim

Per 11 september 2011 is er een project van start gegaan onder de naam Proeftuin Somatische Geriatrische Revalidatie Thuis. Hierbij richt Zorggroep Charim zich met een groep partners op inwoners van Veenendaal die lichamelijke zorg behoeven na een ziekenhuisopname. Met dit project wordt de zorg die nodig is na een ziekenhuisopname door een groep zorgorganisaties gerealiseerd. Het revalideren gebeurt zoveel mogelijk thuis.

In dit project werken de volgende partners samen: Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei, Agathos Thuiszorg, Zorgkantoor Agis en huisartsen. Vanuit Zorggroep Charim zijn betrokken: de logopedisten, ergotherapeuten, fysio- en oefentherapeuten, diëtisten, psychologen en de specialisten ouderengeneeskunde van Charim Vitaal en de verpleegkundige dienst. Revalidactiecentrum Groot Klimmendaal biedt algehele ondersteuning. Mediq Apotheek levert de medicijnen. De revalidatiehulpmiddelen komen via de Harting-Bank. Mocht er dagelijks eten en drinken nodig zijn, dan loopt dit via de maaltijdvoorziening van Zorggroep Charim en de boodschappenservice van de Plus Supermarkt.

In de proeftuin wordt gebruik gemaakt van innovatieve meetinstrumenten en hulpmiddelen. Een voorbeeld hiervan is de ‘VitaMove’, een meetinstrument voor objectivering van revalidatieresultaten. Dit gebeurt door twee sensoren op het bovenbeen en bovenlichaam. De sensoren meten bewegingen en zodoende ook de voortgang van de revalidatie. Zorg op afstand is mogelijk door beeldtelefonie. Met Zibber-beeldbellen wordt bijvoorbeeld een telefonisch spreekuur gehouden.

De overheid stimuleert dit soort projecten, omdat in 2012 de geriatrische revalidatiezorg vanuit verpleeghuizen wordt overgeheveld vanuit de AWBZ naar de Zorgverzekeringswet.

Het project heet niet voor niets een proeftuin, omdat moet blijken wat goed gaat en wat niet.  Door het project kunnen alle partners de benodigde zorg goed op elkaar leren afstemmen. Reden van de overheveling is dat de revalidatiezorg meer in een ‘keten’ kan worden georganiseerd, onder regie van de zorgverzekeraar. Hierdoor verbetert de kwaliteit en doelmatigheid van de zorg.

Wanneer een inwoner van Veenendaal een heup of knie heeft gebroken, hoeft zo iemand dankzij dit project niet opgenomen te worden op een afdeling tijdelijk verblijf van een instelling, maar kan de cliënt naar huis. Maar natuurlijk ook andere cliënten die moeten revalideren om andere redenen kunnen van dit project gebruik maken. Het streven is de cliënt thuis te laten revalideren met een maximaal revalidatieresultaat, zodat hij weer zo snel mogelijk in de oude woonsituatie kan oefenen en verblijven.

In Nederland zijn slechts 17 innovatieve zorgorganisaties gekozen om de proeftuinen te starten. Meer informatie is te vinden op (zoek met het woord ‘proeftuin’).

Indien cliënten uitbehandeld zijn in het Gelderse Vallei Ziekenhuis en in aanmerking komen voor verdere revalidatie en verzorging zal de afdeling Multizorg van het Gelderse Vallei ziekenhuis -op basis van de door betrokken partners opgestelde criteria- beoordelen of een cliënt in aanmerking komt voor de geriatrische revalidatie thuis.

VitaMove state of the art physical activity monitor solution launched

New technology to accurately monitor people’s daily physical activity

Today VitaMove state of the art physical activity monitor solution has been launched.

2M Engineering Ltd (Veldhoven, the Netherlands) has launched a new development in the field of posture and movement registration/classification, the VitaMove 2S ExG movement and ECG-recorder. VitaMove allows doctors and researchers to monitor daily activities granting them more insight whilst minimally intruding into the patient’s life. The VitaMove can be worn inconspicuously underneath existing clothing. Daily activities can be measured over the course of several days which can be subsequently classified, utilising the included software as any of the large number of unique posture and movement classifications including walking, running, sitting, lying down (on side/back/stomach), cycling, driving and walking up and down stairs. This creates an objective image of the patient’s day to day activities on a second to second basis. VitaMove 2S ExG consists of only two recorders, which are worn on the chest and leg, allowing the patient to be minimally affected. Expansion beyond the two initial recorders is possible allowing for more in depth research to take place.

VitaMove 2S ExG also comes equipped with a 3-lead ECG holter which, for the first time, grants us the possibility to combine and put into context the ECG, heart rate events/trends and derivatives such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with daily activities. This unique and new combination of information allows for the more accurate reading of ECG holter measurements, heart rate and HRV as well as providing new possibilities to monitor the individual signals per activity.

The software includes patient workflow management as well as graphic projections of the measurements with a large amount of customizable options. The patient workflow can be easily linked to existing HL7 medical databases, it makes processing entire patient populations easier and reduces the margin for error. Additionally the software includes expansive support to render reports which can be adapted in accordance to the needs of the patient or caretaker. These reports can be used to present patients with a complete overview of their progress over a long period of time.

Measurements are completely accessible and exportable into Electronic Data Format (EDF) for further processing with third party analytical software. The posture and movement classifications have been validated in cooperation with the Erasmus Medical Centre’s rehabilitation department in Rotterdam. VitaMove is medically certified in accordance with the TUV standards and has been approved by the CE Medical Device Directive (CE0197)