Instant and objective insight in daily life activities

Begin recording today! Install the Activ8 application, fill in the client name, date of birth, gender and weight and press the record button. After a day, week or month connect the Activ8 device again and stop the recording. All recordings are store in an open format. The recording will get downloaded and saved on your local PC. The daily target you can change at every start of a recording. The client has to work each day towards the daily target using the emoticon feedback on the device. Get an instant and objective insight in daily life activities using the graph and report function.


Browse through a recording using the graphs browser. Instantly see what people were doing and if they moved or slept enough. Recordings can be visualized over the total duration of the recording, but zooming is also possible (up to 5 minute units) The different color allow quick overview of the activity type and help to discriminate between other relevant parameters like wake / sleep cycle or inactivity versus activity.


The report provides a summary over the last period providing key statistics and can be used to monitor progress over longer periods of time. Activity types like sleeping, sitting, lying, standing, walking, running are seperately shown.