We believe strongly in the potential of small wearable sensor solutions. Unobtrusively providing objective insights into people and even animals. Insights that are valuable for several applications in sports & health and potentially many other areas.

For more than two decades we have been involved in cutting edge research and product development in the area of activity monitoring. We have worked on various wearable sensor solutions within Philips. From early stage physical activity monitors up to the Directlife and sensor solutions for other A-brands within the medical and sports industry.

Over the last years we have deepened our expertise in activity monitoring by developing VitaMove for research. VitaMove is used by leading researchers in the field of ambulatory activity & posture monitoring. Today, VitaMove research is still the most advanced and versatile medically certified toolkit in the market, with a large number of publications supporting its status in the research community.

From VitaMove for research we learned valuable lessons and gained important insights that we are now applying to our new sensor solutions. We are constantly in the process of improving our products and expanding into new areas and applications for our sensor solutions incorporating state of the art technology and with emphasis on ease of use.

When it comes to developing new products we have learned that the best way to evaluate a design is to build and test it in the real world as quickly as possible. This is why we have developed a unique prototyping capability that allows us to create full featured prototypes in a matter of weeks.

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