Activ8 Professional

Physical Activity Monitor – Medical Accuracy – Activity Recognition

Activ8 Professional is a small physical activity monitor that records physical activity all day long. What makes it unique is that the device recognizes when and how long someone lies, sits, stands, walks, cycles or runs. This gives insights not possible with most other physical activity monitors. The activity recognition has been validated by Erasmus Medical Centre and proved to have a sensitivity and specificity of over 90% for healthy people. The activity recognition is also used to determine the energy expenditure. This method results in much more accurate estimation of what a person has been doing during the day.

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Posture & walking support

The UPRIGHT enables and assists Parkinson patients in improving their daily mobility alarming the patient when their posture deviates too much and starting and guiding during walking using auditive and tactile feedback. The small lightweight device which can be worn underneath day to day clothes and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

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VitaMove Research

Time Synchronized Multi-Sensor Platform – Accurate Ambulatory Recording – Flexible – Versatile – CE0197 & FDA

Advanced highly accurate solution in the field of posture and physical activity registration. VitaMove can use multiple recorders worn on chest, legs or arms and can be extended with other sensors to monitor ECG, EMG, EOG, EEG, breathing and more. Wireless technology ensures all recorders and sensors are perfectly time synchronized.

VitaMove for research can output raw measurements for own algoritm development or fully automate workflow and reporting using the VitaMove software studio enabling large studies and trails. Saving time, money and preventing errors. Measurements can be visualized in clear reports.

The posture and movement classifications have been validated in cooperation with the Erasmus Medical Centre’s rehabilitation department in Rotterdam. VitaMove is medically certified in accordance with the TUV standards and has been approved by the CE Medical Device Directive (CE0197).

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Other devices and sensors

Our product range of smart physical activity monitors and sensor solutions is growing rapidly. Contact us to check if we do not already have what you are looking for.