Activ8 Professional Physical Activity Monitor

Recognizes Your Activity – Accurate – Small – Validated

Activ8 Professional is a small physical activity monitor that records physical activity all day long. What makes it unique is that the device recognizes when and how long someone lies, sits, stands, walks, cycles or runs. This gives insights not possible with most other physical activity monitors. The activity recognition has been validated by Erasmus Medical Centre and proved to have a sensitivity and specificity of over 90% for healthy people. The activity recognition is also used to determine the energy expenditure. This method results in much more accurate estimation of what a person has been doing during the day.

Activ8 Professional is easy to use: the device works as a normal memory stick and raw measurements are instantly available, furthermore its quick and easy to switch between different clients. Data can be stored on a server in the cloud, which enables remote lifestyle interventions or data can be stored on a local PC. Just press record and you are recording. Press stop and the recording is downloaded.

All day tracking of your physical activity

Activ8 Professional is a small physical activity monitor device to track your physical activity during the entire day. The device is very small and weighs very little, it can therefore easily be carried in your pocket.  There are accessories available in case you do not have pockets or would prefer other methods of carrying your Activ8. The measured physical activity levels are converted into an accurate kilocalorie values that reflect your physical energy expenditure.  By monitoring your physical energy expenditure, Activ8 Professional grants you the tools to start monitoring and analyzing people’s lifestyle.

Accurate Activity Recognition – Accurate Physical Energy Monitoring

Activ8 Professional converts the measured physical activity into the expended kcal value using an advanced monitoring system applied only by some of the most high-end ambulatory monitoring solutions currently available on the market. The activity monitor detects the type of activity you have been doing and charts whether you were sitting, lying, standing, walking, cycling of running. Using standardized and internationally accepted Metabolic Equivalent Tables (MET) in combination with the type of activity and the intensity at which you were performing your activity, a more accurate energy expenditure kcal value is achieved compared to other products currently available. We believe this is important as a 100 kcal discrepancy will, over time, result in inaccurate measurements which is what our Activ8 Professional team strives to avoid.

Instant Feedback On Daily Target

Anytime, anywhere you can check how far you have progressed towards your activity target. Keep your device horizontal for 5 seconds and your score for the day appears. A full circle means you have achieved your daily target. In addition to a circle of lights,  Activ8 will also provide additional feedback by way of an emoticon. The emoticon will smile or frown depending on whether you have reached your target. Try to get your Activ8 to smile as early in the daily as possible!

Cloud Or Local PC Centric

Activ8 Proffesional can be used in two modes: measurements can be stored on the Activ8 database or on a local PC. The benefit of storing on the internet is that it allows remote monitoring and coaching of clients or patients, the benefit of local storage on a PC is safety and ease of use: just start, stop and view a measurement.

Local PC Storage

Measurement Start – Stop – View. That’s it.

Activ8 Professional comes with an easy to use PC application to start, stop, download and visualize your recording. Install the Activ8 application on your PC and start a recording. Readout the recording after 1-6 weeks when you see your client again and go through the data together providing your client feedback or analyze afterwards. Benefit of the PC application is that it is an extremely straightforward, easy to understand and low tech approach that hardly requires any PC or internet knowledge of client or care provider. The client can see each day if the daily target was achieved or not by using the feedback on the device. All recordings on the devices are accessible in csv format that can also easily be exported to your own analysis, processing or visualizing applications like MS Excel, Matlab etc. You get a miniute by minute view what your client or patient was doing.
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Cloud Storage

Online Lifestyle Coaching

Activ8 Professional can also be used for remote online coaching using the web based remote coaching platform we developed, which is useful if there is a need to remotely coach multiple clients in an efficient way. Coach (lifestyle coach, researcher, physiotherapist, or dietician) and client are connected through the Activ8 website saving time and money of both parties while relevant and detailed activity information is available for both parties. The client has access to a personalized website to talk to their coach, access graphs, see progress against targets and other usefull information. The coach has access to all information from his clients and tools to quickly and efficiently coach large groups of people.

Easy to use online toolbox

Every few days clients upload their measurements.  Uploading requires no additional software installation and is very easy. A personal Activ8 dashboard will automatically show all the activity logged since the last time. The Activ8 website will provides a quick overview over the past few days, showing activity in detailed graphs. Furthermore you are able to check your progress towards your personal goal, compare results with others and check appointments with your coach. The website contains the information you really need on  a day to day basis and has been proven to provide you with effective and efficient insight into your personal lifestyle.

White label approach

Depending on the size of your organization and technical capabilities Activ8 can become an integral part of your lifestyle change program. Models can range from directly interfacing with the Activ8 device and building your own website on top fully maintaining your unique look and feel up to use the Activ8 webenvironment as is available today. We are open to discuss in between models.  Contact us if you want to see what opportunties Activ8 can bring to your organization.

Techncial specifications

  • Technology: 3D acceleromenter
  • Posture and movement recognition : lying, sitting, standing, walking, cycling, running
  • Energy expenditure : yes (kcal)
  • Weight: 20gr
  • Dimensions: 34x30x10mm
  • Wearing: pants pocket or extra accessories
  • Use time without recharging: > 50 days
  • Recharge time: 1hr
  • Data transfer: USB2.0
  • Daily target indication and emoticon feedback: yes (option to switch user interface off)
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