VitaMove v2 Research

Validated activity recognition in upto 48 unique posture and motion classes

Wirelessly synchronized physical activity monitoring on chest, legs or arms

VitaMove for research is the most accurate, most versatile on-body ambulatory physical activity monitoring platform with automatic physical activity & posture recognition, tracking of activity levels and energy expenditure available today: the Swiss army knife amongst professional ambulatory activity monitors. VitaMove for research tracks people’s activity and other vital signals in high resolution under normal day to day circumstances. VitaMove is one of the most accurate, calibrated solutions available in the world. This makes it possible to compare people and easily track changes over time. VitaMove can simultaneously capture activity and other signs from chest, both legs and/or arms. Wireless technology ensures exact time synchronization between recorders within 30 microseconds. VitaMove recorders can continuously record without recharge for periods up to 30days1 depending on chosen sample rate and used configuration. Measurement data is stored on micro SD-card present in every recorder, making VitaMove a reliable and robust solution under the most extreme situations. Recordings can be downloaded and processed further on any computer with the VitaMove software. The VitaMove software automatically classifies measurements fast and reliable in 7 main and 48 detailed posture and motion classes. The accuracy and reliability of the classification is comparable to conventional camera observation and been used and validated by leading research groups in the field of ambulatory activity monitoring.
1 sample rate 32Hz

Wirelessly synchronized

VitaMove is a scalable solution for synchronized physical activity and posture monitoring. VitaMove records chest, upper leg(s) and / or arm activity in high resolution upto 256 samples per second. VitaMove can also do synchronized monitoring of other vital signs like heart rate, ECG, breathing, muscle, eye and/or brain activity.


VitaMove research is a medical certified and validated product and can be customized to fully match application requirements. The easiest way to get started with a VitaMove is with one of the standard systems. A standard system includes everything to start recording straight out of the box. It contains recorders, software, straps and pouches and everything else to immediately starting making quality recordings. One of the most basic configurations is the VitaMove 2S system.

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VitaMove 1S – single recorder system

The VitaMove 1S single  starter system includes everything to start making recordings with high definition movement and posture monitoring.  Applications covered with this configuration are sedentary activity or (In-)Activity / Sleep. Additional sensors can be used to also monitor respiratio, light or heart rate (variability or EEG, EOG for sleep stages and arousal.

VitaMove 2S system – two recorder system

The VitaMove 2S system is identical to the VitaMove 1S system, but besides the chest recorder the system also comes with an orange (right leg) recorder or an extra green (right arm) recorder. This enables advanced reporting on body activity, energy expenditure, or cyclical movements including wheelchair driving (right arm recorder – green). The system can be expanded with additional recorders and sensors depending on the needs of the application. The system ensures exact time synchronization between all recorders using wireless technology.


  • Recorder Trunk (chest, color: blue)
  •  Recorder Upper Leg Right (color: orange) or Recorder Arm Right (color: green)
  • VitaMove software
  • Straps and pouches for the recorders
  • Other accessories: colored micro SD cards, manual, charger for multiple recorders


  • Additional recorders: Upper Leg Left, Arm Right, Arm Left
  • VMExG amplifier to measure ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG (2channels, 16bits, 256Hz)
  • Light sensor to measure exposure to environment light (requires VMExG amplifier)
  • RIP sensor to measure breathing rate (requires VMExG amplifier)

VitaMove 3S / 4S / 5S system – three / four / five recorder systems

Get also information on arm and leg at the same time and not only on right arm or leg, but also on the left arm and-or leg to be able to monitor symmetry of movement in detail.


Straps & pouches

Recordings typically range from a day up to a week or longer. To guarantee the quality of the recording the straps and pouches must stay well in place, and at the same time comfortable to wear. Neoprene is used as it remains well in place on the body, is very hygienic and does not absorb transpiration. After a measurement the straps can easily and quickly be cleaned for the next client. The neoprene is comfortable to wear as it stretches and attention has been paid to ensure only soft and smooth materials though the skin. Use of little ventilation holes in the straps ensures that the skin can breath and skin irritation is minimal. Different straps for chest, arm and leg recorders are available.

Certification & validation

ISO13485:2003 certified (under CMDCAS) standards and complies with the requirements of the CE-Medical Device Directive denoting conformity with the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC. The VitaMove recorders are Class IIa devices and meet the International Standard EN 60601-1:1990 incl.A1:1993 and A2:1995 for Type BF applied parts. VitaMove is CE0197 certified and FDA approved. The posture and movement classifications have been validated in cooperation with the Erasmus Medical Centre’s rehabilitation department in Rotterdam.

Quick Start Guide

Download the Quick Start Guide (pdf) to learn what it takes to make a recording.