Building Blocks

VitaMove systems consist of combinations of the following building blocks:

1. VitaMove Recorder(s)

The hardware of the VitaMove recorder consists of a small, light weight casing containing a tri-axial accelerometer, a rechargeable battery, a USB connection, raw data storage capability on a Micro-SD Card and wireless technology to enable microsecond time synchronization with other recorders in the same body network. Using this advanced time synchronization all recorders take measurements at exactly the same time. One VitaMove network can range from one recorder for analysing basic physical activity, to eight recorders on upper and lower legs and arms for a more detailed registration of specific problem areas.

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2. Additional Sensors – ECG, ExG, Respiration (optional)

To each VitaMove recorder extra sensors can be connected. This allows recording of a medical grade 3 lead ECG (2 traces) to simultaneously record the heart function, an EMG to record muscle activity, eye movements (EOG) or brain activity during sleep (EEG). The same extension module is also prepared to measure breathing rate or environmental light conditions (chronobiological studies). The exact configuration depends on your needs. Together we can define what is required for your study.

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3. VitaMove Software

VitaMove can be delivered with software that gives you raw measurement information to build your own algorithms or with the completeVitaMove software studio enabling handling of large patient groups and the downloading of recordings easy and effortless. Furthermore, the software can fully and automatically analyse recordings and generate reports in minutes. Raw data is stored on your computer locally and is fully accessible and exportable at all times using the European Data Format standard. Also, all other computed and extracted features like angles, body motilities, posture and motion classes, HR, detected events; duration and so on can be exported and used in third party software for further analysis. VitaMove can fully automatically classify your measurements and generate detailed reports with key information extracted from the measurement. This saves you the tedious work to manually score activities.

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Building Blocks Put Together

VitaMove physical activity and posture monitoring for research will enable you to easily asses your patient’s physical activity, posture and motion providing an objective and accurate insight into their daily lifestyle. A basic VitaMove configuration consists of at least two small devices. It is worn using a neoprene straps around the chest and the right upper leg, thus providing measurements of a patient’s activity, posture and motion for up to 30 consecutive days depending on the configuration used. VitaMove can be worn inconspicuously underneath existing clothing. A basic VitaMove sustem comprises of two hardware units and the VitaMove software. This software enables the care giver to download and manage patient recordings, provides automatic analysis and reporting of recordings and also has advanced scoring tools. Both hardware and software have been built to quickly add new functions and features, meeting all your measurement requirements.

Performance of activity recognition versus human observation

VitaMove is medically validated. Perfomance of the VitaMove system was compared to human observance / classification using a protocol of different activities. The following mean of sensitivity and specificity is achieved for the automatic analysis function in, comparison to manual human observation:

  • > 90 % for Postures like Lying Supine, Prone, Lying left/Right, Standing & Sitting
  • > 80 % for Movements like Moving, Walking, Running.

The concept of activity recognition has been researched, developed and perfected over the last 25 years by Erasmus Medical Centre (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

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VitaMove combines the innovative sensor and product development strength of 2M Engineering ltd and years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing portable medical devices of TEMEC instruments BV. With VitaMove we want to provide researchers the best most versatile solution for ambulatory health monitoring based on extensive experience in sensors, medical recording and signal analysis.