Combine physical activity and heart rate to better understand heart rate changes

A VitaMove system can be expanded with an ExG amplifier. This ExG amplifier allows to measure the heart rate based on a 3-lead ECG. Combining physical activity and heart rate  allows you to put the heart rate in the context of what somebody was doing during daily life. It can also be used to dicriminate mental from physical stress.

Conventional ECG holter monitors provide enormous amounts of data without much contextual information (what was the subject doing when a heart related event occurred), which make ECG holter recordings typically difficult to interpret. VitaMove makes interpretation of such signals much easier, by combining automatic posture and activity classification with simultaneous recording of a  high quality, medical grade, 3-lead ECG. This allows the researcher or care giver to look at an ECG/heart recording while knowing what a person was actually doing at the time. This can be useful for:

  • Multi-day continuous capture of a 3-lead ECG (Einthoven) derivation for visual assessment in combination what the subject was doing
  • Correlate body activity with HR trends/events, full 3-lead ECG arrhythmia detection (via 3rd party software), sleep and HR variability
  • Monitor cardiovascular reactivity and excessive mental strain and stress through purified HRV spectra. Also physical strain on the heart caused by physical activities can be evaluated.

VitaMove measures activity, posture and ECG, of which a heart rate signal is derived.

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