Sedentary activity report

The VitaMove sedentary activity report provides insight in how people sit, and if they move enough during the day. To make a sedentary activity report only a one recorder (chest) configuration is required. Activities like walking, running (leg related) cannot be detected. The detectable postures are limited to lying and sitting.


Too long periods of time in the same sedentary posture, not-supported by active muscles, and too less transitions, or too much lying on one-side over the other, so asymmetry, as a result of impairment (contractures, hemiplegia) may worsen the condition, promote stiffness and sensation of pain in a progressive manner and are related to the development of decubitus. This is often seen in the elderly but also in newborns and in bed & chair-ridden subjects in general. Early awareness is important to trigger preventive or relief intervention for instance through posture support systems or revalidation programs.

The ‘Sedentary Activity Report’ presents:

  • total time spent in lying on left or right sides, supine and prone, and sitting
  • transitions between sedentary positions
  • lying on left or right side and Left/Right ‘Ratio’ for symmetry
  • forward or backward sitting and sideward sitting, along with ‘quality’ parameters as
    • ‘Trunk Angle’
    • ‘Trunk Transversal’
  • (long) sub-periods of time continuously spent in the same posture up to  > 120 minutes

Optionally (through the VitaMove ExG amplifier module):

  • the fluctuations of Respiration Amplitude and Rate, potentially even respiratory arrest
  • Heart Rate for sleep cyclicity and wakening


Report example