VitaMove Analysis & Reporting Software

VitaMove systems are used in combination with the VitaMove software. The VitaMove software downloads and analyzes a recording and can automatically generate reports. Recorders and software work seamlessly together to make taking a measurement as easy as possible while minimizing the possibilities for human mistakes. The software consist of two parts: VitaBase which handles the complete recording workflow, patient management and reporting of a recording and VitaScore for manual checking and re-scoring of activities. The VitaMove analysis software is based on more then 25 years of empiric and scientific medical research by leading universities and institutes around the world. The VitaMove analysis software stores all data in Electronic Data Format (EDF) to provide an open structure and full accessibility for both the clinical- and research- professional and can be linked to hospital systems using like for example HL7 or other standards.

VitaBase patient management

Intuitive scheduling and download of recordings

VitaBase provides the framework to handle large groups of clients or patients by guiding them in logical order through the recording process preventing human mistakes. Each patient recording goes through a number of steps: schedule, download, analyze, report, finished and archive. This way there can be quickly checked where the patient is in the recording process. VitaBase also provides quick overviews of all patients, physicians, referring physicians and technicians. The underlying database is based on open standards, XML and EDF, which makes exporting and future expansion easy.

Reports showing what you want to see

Recordings are fully automatically classified and reports are generated on the spot. Posture and motion are spitted in up to 45 unique classes giving a detailed view on what a person has been doing during daily life. It is easy to customize or create your own reports and give them your own look and feel. Within the VitaMove analysis software there are advanced reporting facilities. Reports can provide overview over longer periods of time or zoom in on details of movements.


Signal traces

Direct traces that can be measured with each recorder

Each VitaMove recorder measures acceleration and position in g-force in three directions: Transversal, Longitudinal and Sagital. Other raw signals that are measured are the ExG signals, the respiratory signs, the event marker, light, tempterature and other signals.

Indirect or derived calculated traces

The direct traces are used to create all kind of derivatives. Which can be clustered in various classes:

  • Activity & Motion related: activity, walking frequency, walkingphase, classified activity, angles in transversal, longitudinal and sagital, motility in three directions, amplitude of walking, ampliture or tremor, tremor frequency, dc gravity, motility ac, phase between legs
  • Cardiac: heart rate, heart rate standard deviation and heart rate events
  • Respiratory: breathrate and effort x breathrate
  • Future custom traces

Easy access, check, edit and export of recordings

VitaScore is designed for easy, efficient (re)scoring of measurements and gives direct access to raw measurement data and computed signal traces over time. Multi-time base viewing shows both short and long time frames in one window. This helps you to keep overview and at the same time see details, which helps to speed up your analysis. You can browse, annotate and manually score activities or events or search jump to interesting events easily with few simple mouse clicks.

Automatically detect respiratory and heart rate events

Respiratory events (like OSA in sleep), and cardio-events like Tachy-Cardia, Extra-Systole and Brady-Cardia are also automatically detected and shown. VitaMove does not provide a full ECG feature extraction, but this is easy to achieve using the EDF export facilities.

Technical specifications

  • Operating system: WinXP, Vista, 7 (x32, x64)
  • Data format: European Data Format (EDF)
  • Certification:CE0197 certified, FDA approved
  • Warranty: 1 year