Highly accurate wireless activity recorder forms the basis of the platform

VitaMove is build around a highly accurate wireless activity recorder that forms the basis for the overall platform. Depending on the application one upto 5 recorders can be used to monitor posture, motion and angles of chest, legs or arms in high resolution. Wireless technology ensures all recorders stay extactly time synchronized during the measurement. This allows for accurately measurement of multi-body-segment activity and posture with sample rates from 1-256Hz for periods up to a month.



Key features

Posture, motion sensing using 3D accelerometers

highly accurate, callibrated accelerometers are used to measure acceleration and position towards the earth-gravitational field in 3 directions. This makes VitaMove the perfect tool for kinematic activity and posture tracking. VitaMove can discriminate roughly 45 posture and activity types providing a detailed insight in a person’s daily activities. VitaMove supports up to 8 on-body recorders to follow each body segment in detail.

Wireless technology

Wireless sync technology is used to keep time between all recorders exactly time synchronized within 30 microseconds. Furthermore the wireless technology is used to automatically start and stop a recording with the press of a single button.

Storage on micro SD memory card

Each recorder stores the recorded information on its own micro SD memory card to guarantee measurement integrity at all times. After each recording measurement data is downloaded, stored and archived on a computer using the VitaMove software.

Connect the VM ExG amplifier module

Connect the VMExG amplifier module to add ECG, EMG, EOG, EEG, or optional light or breathing sensor functionality to your VitaMove system.

Mark events 

Presses of the event marker button are also stored along with the recording. This can be useful when people feel something abnormal.


Recharable li-ion batteries are used that can be recharged with the supplied charger. Total measurement time depends on the chosen sample frequencies. At 32Hz continuous recordings upto a month can be made.


Technical specifications

3D accelerometer

  • Technology : capacitive MEMS
  • Range : +/- 4G
  • Orientations : X, Y, Z
  • DC accuracy : 0.02G
  • Sample rate : 2-4-16-32-64-128-256Hz
  • Resolution : 16bit


  • Event marker button : yes (1Hz)
  • Indicators : battery, error, status


  • Charge connector : micro USB
  • VMExG connection : 5-pole


  • Micro SD card : SD & SDHC speedclass 2 upto 16Gb


  • Recording time : upto 1month (32Hz)
  • Capacity : 1250mAHr
  • Type : Lithium Polymer


  • Dimensions [W x H x D] : 40 x 80 x 15mm
  • Weight : 52 gram


  • Temperature operation: 5-40 degree celsius
  • Relateive humidity operation : 25-95% (non condensing)


  • CE0197 certified, FDA approved
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Recorder
  • micro SD-card
  • Strap & pouch
  • Charge cable


  • Recorder Trunk (Blue)
  • Recorder Right Leg (Orange)
  • Recorder Left Leg (Yellow)
  • Recorder Right Arm (Green)
  • Recorder Left Arm (Purple)