New technology to accurately monitor people’s daily physical activity

Today VitaMove state of the art physical activity monitor solution has been launched.

2M Engineering Ltd (Veldhoven, the Netherlands) has launched a new development in the field of posture and movement registration/classification, the VitaMove 2S ExG movement and ECG-recorder. VitaMove allows doctors and researchers to monitor daily activities granting them more insight whilst minimally intruding into the patient’s life. The VitaMove can be worn inconspicuously underneath existing clothing. Daily activities can be measured over the course of several days which can be subsequently classified, utilising the included software as any of the large number of unique posture and movement classifications including walking, running, sitting, lying down (on side/back/stomach), cycling, driving and walking up and down stairs. This creates an objective image of the patient’s day to day activities on a second to second basis. VitaMove 2S ExG consists of only two recorders, which are worn on the chest and leg, allowing the patient to be minimally affected. Expansion beyond the two initial recorders is possible allowing for more in depth research to take place.

VitaMove 2S ExG also comes equipped with a 3-lead ECG holter which, for the first time, grants us the possibility to combine and put into context the ECG, heart rate events/trends and derivatives such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV) with daily activities. This unique and new combination of information allows for the more accurate reading of ECG holter measurements, heart rate and HRV as well as providing new possibilities to monitor the individual signals per activity.

The software includes patient workflow management as well as graphic projections of the measurements with a large amount of customizable options. The patient workflow can be easily linked to existing HL7 medical databases, it makes processing entire patient populations easier and reduces the margin for error. Additionally the software includes expansive support to render reports which can be adapted in accordance to the needs of the patient or caretaker. These reports can be used to present patients with a complete overview of their progress over a long period of time.

Measurements are completely accessible and exportable into Electronic Data Format (EDF) for further processing with third party analytical software. The posture and movement classifications have been validated in cooperation with the Erasmus Medical Centre’s rehabilitation department in Rotterdam. VitaMove is medically certified in accordance with the TUV standards and has been approved by the CE Medical Device Directive (CE0197)