Finally it is there: VitaMove.v2 for research.  VitaMove.v2 incorporates all learnings from our first generation of VitaMove products. We have done our best to make VitaMove the best multi-body segment high-accuracy recording solution for physical activity and posture and other vital signs. Hereby a overview of the most important changes

Improved recording robustness

VitaMove now automatically corrects for changed recorder orientation during a recording. As recordings are becoming longer chances that a mistake is made increases which results in errors during automatic analysis.  Furthermore download routines have been improved to better handle recording exceptions.

Variable sample frequency up to 256Hz

You can now select higher sample rates up to 256Hz when a study requires this amount of detail, but it is also possible to select a lower sample frequency. Lower sample frequencies result in smaller recordings, and faster processing.

Schedule recording start and stop time

No client intervention required to start or stop a recording. Fully automatic start and stop your VitaMove.v2 system.

New and upgraded reports

We have listened to your feedback. We have incorporated most of your feedback to make reports better suit your needs. New reports for upper limb activity, sedentary activity, energy expenditure, cyclical movement have been added.

Longer recordings

Depending on the selected sample frequency you can now continuously record for periods up to a month, without any recharge or any other user intervention.

Improved respiratory measurement

Respiratory signs are now measured using respiratory inductance plethysmography technology. This technology is less sensitive to all kind of movement artifacts. Furthermore it is now possible to simultaneously measure both chest and stomach helping to also quantify quality of breathing.